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I’m Eric and I’ll be your curator around Attaché Travel.

Over the past year, I went on extended trip to about 28 countries and over 40 major cities, meeting people from all over the world. For almost all of the travelers I’ve met, both new and seasoned, the first day in a new city is often the hardest.

We spend hours on errands, getting access to local cash, get reconnected to our families, friends and coworkers and figuring out how to get to our hotel, apartment or guesthouse, often on little sleep and a lot of jetlag. I’ve heard stories (and experienced first-hand) plenty of getting lost, miscommunication with locals, getting less-than-stellar “deals” or worse, rip-offs and robberies.

The nice thing is that the banking, finance and transit industries are changing dramatically in ways that are making it considerably easier to live your normal life in a foreign city. It’s now possible to get cash at good exchange rates, use your mobile phone and data as you would at home, and get around using increasingly prevalent, cheap, clean and efficient public transit. Times are a-changing!

So, I’m putting together a service that does the legwork for you, combining the best, battle-tested travel products out there and gives you and your loved ones peace of mind that you’ll arrive safety and get your trip off to a good start.

This blog in particular will be used for product and beta updates, tips for better travel around the world and cultural updates from the places I am currently, or have visited (I really believe it’s important to be near fellow travelers while on their trips to make this work). We’re already getting close to a beta tester launch, but feel free to post comments or send me an email if you have ideas or suggestions for improvement.

Thanks and Happy Travels!


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