Chicago Arrival Kit


Hit the ground running in Chicago. Each Arrival Kit has the following items:

1. T-Mobile SIM Card

2. 7 Day Transit Pass

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3. Airline Comfort Kit

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4. Outlet Converter

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5. Travel Security

Combination Luggage Lock
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6. Travel Wallet

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T-Mobile SIM Card




Top up is a breeze online at ( with the ability to autoreload when your balance gets low.

Save time haggling with SIM card shops at the airport and dodge the lines at the big telecom stores. Call your AirBnb host or sign on to your conference call as soon as you land!

Note: Your phone MUST be unlocked (check with your carrier) and compatible with US networks (2G/GSM operates on 850 and 1900MHz, 3G on UMTS 1700/1900Mhz, 4G on 1700MHz).

Most telecom stores in the US won’t know how to sell you a prepaid SIM card and they’re prone to long lines in crowded downtown locations.

The card comes with $3 of credit preloaded, activation and plan purchase can be done by calling 877-778-2107.

We ship nano SIM form factors with plastic adapters to fit phones that take micro or standard SIM sizes, so any Apple or Android phone will fit.

We’ll also include instructions to activate, top-up and recommend a voice and data plan based on a typical trip if you’re unsure how much data and talk time you’ll need. Most users opt for the $3/day 4G plan. The card expires and credit is forfeited after 90 days of inactivity.

Chicago 7-day Transit Pass


Gone are the days of paper tickets in the Windy City. Take advantage of the gorgeous elevated railway with a ticket valid on all trains and buses.

Though the trains are more visible, Chicago has one of the best bus systems in the country. Perfect for getting from the Loop or Near North up to Lincoln Park or Wrigleyville.

Travel Security

When you travel, the best way to protect yourself is to blend in. Putting a giant lock on expensive luggage screams “Steal me!”. At Attaché, we’ll arm you with the best security measures, tested by road warriors in nearly every corner of the world.

What you get:

Airline Comfort Kit

Airline Comfort Kit Open


Bring your own business class and get a better night sleep on the plane.

Canvas Travel Wallet

Travel Wallet Closed


Outlet Converter (EU/UK Female→US Male)