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London Arrival Kit


Hit the ground running in London. Each Arrival Kit has the following items:

1. Lebara SIM Card
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2. £20 Oyster Card Transit PassLondon Oyster CardLearn More

3. Airline Comfort Kit

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4. Outlet Converter

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5. Travel Security

Combination Luggage Lock
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6. Travel Wallet

Travel Wallet
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Lebara Mobile SIM Card - UK

iphone pay Lebara SIM UK


By far the cheapest way to connect your phone while abroad is to get a local SIM card. We’ve tested a number of UK-based SIM providers and offer you the best bang-for-your-buck.

Save time haggling with SIM card shops at the airport and dodge the lines at the big telecom stores. Call your AirBnb host or sign on to your conference call as soon as you land!

We chose Lebara because they tend to be the easiest to use for visitors and have reliable coverage in major cities and the countryside. Their plans are easy to understand and the mobile app makes it easy to top-up with a credit card or voucher. - Vouchers can be purchased at many major supermarkets and pharmacies around London - look for the Lebara logo.

The card comes with €1 of credit preloaded, which gives you 6MB of data to use to top up when you land (or connect via Wi-Fi before or during your trip) on the Vodafone network (2G and 3G only). We ship nano SIM form factors with plastic adapters to fit phones that take micro or standard SIM sizes, so any Apple or Android phone will fit.

We’ll also include instructions to activate, top-up and recommend a voice and data plan based on a typical trip if you’re unsure how much data and talk time you’ll need. Most users load between £10-20 of credit (roughly $18-32). The card expires and credit is forfeited after 180 days of inactivity.

London Oyster Card

Oyster Card Product Photo


If you even step on the London Underground once, you should get an Oyster card. Not only are the savings absurd (~50%), but you won’t disrupt the flow of commuters going about their business or have to wait in line to buy a ticket for each trip.

Oyster operates as an RFID-enabled chip card, and you simply tap the card against the reader, a fare is deducted and you pass through the turnstile. Cards can be refilled at any train station and credit stays valid forever, so you can use it on subsequent trips.

The London Underground charges £2.80 during peak (6:30-9:30am and 4-7pm) and £2.20 during non-peak times for each trip.

The Oystercard can be used on any mode of public transit in Greater London, it is widely accepted.

It’s also the most cost-effective way to get in from Heathrow Airport. Just follow signs for the Piccadilly Line. Not only is it considerably cheaper than the Heathrow Express, the stops are more convenient to major sites and hotels than Paddington Station (where you may have to take a cab or another line to get where you’re going)

Lastly, if you think you’ll be using public transit extensively, consider a 7-day travelcard. They are considerably more expensive, but may make sense for heavy or peak time users.

Travel Security

When you travel, the best way to protect yourself is to blend in. Putting a giant lock on expensive luggage screams “Steal me!”. At Attaché, we’ll arm you with the best security measures, tested by road warriors in nearly every corner of the world.

What you get:

Airline Comfort Kit

Airline Comfort Kit Open


Bring your own business class and get a better night sleep on the plane.

Canvas Travel Wallet

Travel Wallet Closed


Outlet Converter (US Female→UK Male)