Kit Contents

A Hassle-Free Local SIM Card

​We think it's silly to waste money or time trying to connect your phone when you land.

Attaché has tested numerous local SIM cards at each destination to provide you the best value for money - the best combination of cost, quality of network and ease of use - taking the pain out of researching it yourself.  Get one before you go

Train Ticket Into Town

After a long flight, the last thing you need is to sit in traffic or get long-hauled by a taxi.

We've researched the most reliable way to each destination's city center.  Most locals use the train, but you can also upgrade to a black car pickup, or use your phone to summon an Uber.  Check out the options

Transit Pass - Go Green

Attaché intentionally supports cities with fantastic public transit options.

Don't mess with ticket machines, lines or exact change.  We'll set you up with a smart transit guide so you'll know what to do.  Hop on and off with impunity

Cultural Literacy Mini-Guide

You don't have time to read the guidebook, but you want to "do as the locals do"

We've constructed wallet-sized cultural mini-guides to take the hassle out of tipping, social expectations and unspoken rules. Be more worldly

Business Class In a Bag

You deserve a good night's rest, even if you're in the back of the plane.

Don't rely on the airlines.  Each Attaché Arrival Kit comes with a neck pillow, sleep mask and ear plugs so you can get proper sleep.  Bring your own business class

TSA-Approved Luggage Lock

Keep your belongings secure so you can focus on the important stuff.

Each kit includes a lock for those times when you have to part with your bag.  Secure it now

International Outlet Adapters

Keep your devices powered no matter where you are.

Don't be caught without the right adapter and forced to pay for an overpriced one at the airport.  Every kit includes a simple outlet adatper, but you can always add more.  Stay Charged

A Smart Little Travel Wallet

You have a lot to keep track of.  Put it all in one place.

​When traveling, you need documents at a moment's notice.  Everything above is packed into a smart little wallet that you can just pop into your bag.  Escape at a moment's notice

​Luxury Add-Ons (Coming Soon)

If you're looking to treat yourself, we offer the following add-ons, so you can arrive in style.

Black Car Pickup

Because sometimes you're pressed for time.

If you want the moviestar treatment, you can add on a driver from a trusted local car service that will meet you at arrivals.  Get your name on a board

Emergency Cash

Have some cash in hand for those times when cards aren't accepted.

Have a bit of the local currency at a fair rate, so you're not searching or waiting for an ATM on arrival.  Be ready on Day One

Pre-departure Consultation

First time in a new city?  We can answer your questions

Travel can be stressful and sometimes you have questions the internet just can't answer. We can set up a time to review your itinerary and give you customized advice to make your trip go as smooth as possible.  Get your questions answered

Services and Guarantees

Here's what to expect once you place an order

Free Shipping

Your kit will be shipped to you via USPS (UPS internationally) free of charge.

If you would like expedited delivery, we have several options on our checkout page.  Get it in time for your trip

Sent to your home or office

Planning for a trip can be a lot of work.  We'll send the essentials to you.

​Take care of the errands long before you leave.  Give yourself a break

Detailed Arrival Instructions

Never used a SIM Card before?  London Underground sound intimidating?

Each arrival kit comes with detailed instructions on how to operate each piece, making recommendations for ideal data plans, how to keep your electronics safe and navigating public transit.  What you need to know, all in one place.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you're unhappy, send it back for a full refund!

Travel is high stress and pressure.  Attaché was started to alleviate those problems.  If anything in the kit is not to your satisfaction, send it back and we'll refund you the difference.  No questions asked. 

(Though we're always interested in your feedback)