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7 Day Berlin Transit Pass (AB Zone)


Valid for 7 consecutive days from validation (expires at the time of validation on the 7th day) within the A and B zones, which cover nearly all of metropolitan Berlin except Potsdam and Schonefeld Airport (for those trips, buy a single journey ticket)

Easily the most convenient and cost-effective way to get in from Tegel Airport (TXL bus) or around town. Just show your validated ticket to any bus or tram driver or inspectors on the S-bahn (commuter trains) and U-Bahn (subway).

Product Description

Advice from Agent Attache:

Remember to validate your ticket upon first use using the small yellow machines on platforms and buses. Riding with no ticket or one that hasn’t been validated can incur a fine from plainclothes inspectors.

Helpful gentlemen at Tegel Airport will try to sell you a TXL single journey ticket. This 7 day farecard is valid on the TXL bus, so there is no need to buy an extra ticket. Just show them your pass and wish them a Guten Morgen!

Berlin has an excellent night bus system that runs every 30 minutes from 12am-5am weekdays. Trains and regular buses run extended hours on weekends and holidays.



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